Salamati: Hamed's Persian Kitchen: Recipes and Stories from Iran to the Other Side of the World by Hamed Allahyari and Dani Velent

$ 35.00

A heartwarming story of resilience, homesickness, and good Persian cooking in 70 accessible recipes

Hamed Allahyari cooks to connect--for that joyful moment you can say " salamati" (Farsi for "health" and "cheers") around the table. The food of his native Tehran is a resonant and delicious gift, and a way of staying bonded to a country he hasn't returned to for a decade.

Hamed's food is anchored in tradition but accessible to all. The recipes are simple, celebratory, appealing, flexible, and full of flavor. As well as working as a chef and caterer, Hamed has road-tested his dishes at hundreds of cooking classes: he melds Persian culinary culture and an understanding of Western palates to create recipes that are truly his--and now ours to share.

Beyond the recipes, Salamati is a gateway to Persia. "It's sharing my culture," says Hamed. "It's my dream that everyone tries Persian food. And with my food, they come into my family. They are sitting with me, with my grandparents, parents, and cousins, talking, sharing, and enjoying the feeling of being together."

Hamed Allahyari was born in Iran where he was a chef and restaurateur; then a crisis of faith imperiled his life in a country where atheism is illegal. He arrived in Australia in 2012 as a refugee. After an initial detention on Christmas Island, Hamed was released into the community where he slowly built a new life, with his Melbourne restaurant SalamTea at its center.

Year: 2022


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