You Are Not Alone: A Memory of Flowing Freedom (Arabic) by Ali Jaradat

$ 8.00

This book revolves around imprisonment experiences lived by the author. It is a summary of life inside various Zionist prisons and detainment camps, where life revolves around a conflict between two wills: the first will is armed only and exclusively with human tenacity and strive for dignity, while the second is armed with a fully established state built on an attitude of entitlement and a self-nourished drive towards superiority; represented by an interrogator who's mind is filled with racism.

The book summarizes also the experiences of Palestinian heroes and heroines who created legacies in courage and patience, coupled with stories of families suffering from the moment their doors are knocked to the moment they celebrate the joy of freedom for their loved ones.

The book compresses an experience tested with flesh and blood and lasted for several years. It is the summary of life within a society that is denied sunshine, but yet survived on the inner sunshine generated by hearts and minds that are struggling to have a free homeland.

As a writer/journalist, Ali Jaradat is the Editor-in-Chief of “Al Hadaf” magazine, and has many contributions in local and Arab magazines. He is the author of two novels, “The Earth's Sun”, and a nonfiction book titled, “The Palestinian Left – the Defeat of Democracy”.

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