Jerusalem and Islam: Study in its Sanctity from an Islamic Perspective (Arabic) by Khalil Athaminah

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The city of Jerusalem has been present, since ancient times, in the minds of successive Arab generations. It was the linchpin of the Abrahamic monotheistic doctrine, and later the doctrine of the Christ (peace be upon him) which took shape and started off in this holy city. Islam made Jerusalem a major focus of sanctity that has often matched the sanctity of Kaaba and Mecca.

Since the Arab repertoire lacks scientific and methodological studies written in Arabic language by Arab authors from Jerusalem, the author investigated for years the ties that link Islam and the Muslims to the city of Jerusalem. He thus delved into the religious and intellectual heritage of Islam in search of the roots and essence of this relationship.

Today as the extremist Zionist leadership goes very far in judaizing Jerusalem and erasing its history and its Arabic Islamo-Christian heritage, this book puts the facts of the history of Jerusalem at the heart of the present in defense of the future.

Khalil Athaminah teaches Arab Islamic history and civilization at Birzeit University in Palestine. His research field includes early Islam, the Umayyad state, and early Abbasid period. His special interest is in the social, economic, and religious aspects of early Islamic societies. Dr. Athaminah edited volume VI of Baladuris History (Ansab al-Ashraf) published in 1993.

Year: 2013


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