The Middle East Crisis Can Be Solved: The Solution Has Been Right Under Our Noses The Whole Time by Howie Gardner

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The title of this book is no offhand boast or exaggeration. We can indeed solve the Middle East crisis. The United States Constitution is the most successful political document in human history. So why not borrow its precepts, add in the necessity of term limits and the equality of each race and gender including the unborn? Psalm 122 instructs us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and it seems unrealistic to do so if such a result were not possible. The author has met directly with Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders throughout the world and together with his friend Kamal Nawash (President of the Free Muslim Coalition AGAINST Terrorism) has devised a plan that has the potential to make Israel/Palestine the envy of the world. The greatest concern that Israelis have in this venture (and a realistic one) is the potential to become a minority and be enslaved as in Egypt and Babylon and placed on the verge of extinction during the Nazi Holocaust. This plan draws upon the U. S. Constitution to alleviate that concern. In much the same way that the smaller state of Rhode Island has the same representation as California so Israelis and Palestinians can have citizenship, voting rights and jobs that will remove the incentive to destroy and result in the self-esteem necessary to develop patriotism. Additionally the reader will become aware that both Israelis and Palestinians are of Jewish origin; brothers and sisters capable of coming together for the cause of peace.

Year: 2014


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