The Kurds: A Nation on the Way to Statehood by Jamal Jalal Abdulla

$ 24.00

The book is about the history and national movement and nationalism of the Kurdish nation who were divided by the victorious Allied Powers, Britain and France, in the first World War 1918. The Kurds and their country, Kurdistan were divided between Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. For about one century, Kurds have not earned their cultural and political rights. However, only Kurds in Iraq obtained their 'Autonomous Right'. Recently Oil was discovered and the Kurdish Regional Government began to drill and export oil. Now a number of European companies are working in Kurdistan and the Kurdish government demand the oil-rich city, Kirkuk be included in the Kurdish Autonomous region. Since oil was found, produced and exported, more than eleven European and Asian consulates are opened in Arbil, the capital city of the Kurdish region. The great interest the European and American oil companies and politicians have in the Kurdish region, it not unlikely that the business and political interests would push the Kurdish leaders to ask for confederate status or independence in the not very distant future.

Year: 2012

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