The Falcon's Arrow: The Book of Seljuk by Oryal Tanir

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1020 A.D. A man with a troubled past finds himself in a strange land east of Byzantium. As he tries to come to terms with his life, a nomadic clan of mercenaries adopts him – unraveling a tumultuous sequence of events. The clan is led by Seljuk princes who trace their roots to ancient Oghuz legends and empires. Once proud rulers of the steppes, circumstances have forced this clan south of the Aral Sea where they are tolerated by local landlords in exchange for mercenary service. They endure season to season along the banks of the Amu Darya River in search of grazing grounds for their flock. However, troubled times are ahead for the Seljuk clan as a suspicious and powerful Ghaznavid Sultan plots their demise. Only two young Seljuk brothers stand in his way. Outnumbered, but armed with their wits and weapons steeped in lore, the two commence a dangerous game of survival with the Sultan and his allies. Meanwhile a mysterious arrow remains an enigma whose secret may very well tip the balance. This is a story of the incredible events that defined the destiny of a man in a foreign land and his adopted family: the Seljuks.

Year: 2015


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