The Angel of Har Megiddo by Mike King

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A novel of the US-Israel-Palestine conflict. US Supreme Court Justice Eleanor Johnson is experiencing the worst eleven months of her life, as hers becomes the casting vote on whether support for Israel violates the American Constitution. Israeli army officer Ehud Shlomo has eleven minutes to prevent a nuclear retaliation against Tehran. In their explosive and interleaved stories of ambition, justice and revenge, how on earth did the future of their nations become their sole burden? This novel of the US-Israel-Palestine conflict peels back its history through the eyes of its two protagonists, who battle in their own ways to make sense of it all. In reaching their epoch-making decisions their struggle is just as much ours as we encounter the extraordinary history of this three-nation entanglement.

“The novel struck me as a magnificent achievement both at the level of fiction and at the level of political analysis of America-Israel-Palestine. … You clearly know Israel well and your novel has a sobering message for Israelis.” Avi Shlaim, Professor of International Relations, St Anthony’s College, Oxford.

“With its audacious plot and thought-provoking premise, this novel of ideas asks its readers to contemplate America’s ‘special relationship’ with Israel not in the usual foreign policy context but in an even more fundamental one: the U.S. Constitution.” Janet McMahon, Managing Editor, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

“This is a superbly gripping story of two intertwined events that I sincerely hope will send a wake up call to all those who profess to be concerned about Israel-Palestine and especially the Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel.” Susan Nathan, author of The Other Side of Israel.

Year: 2014


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