Seismography of Identities (Arabic) by Manar Makhoul / سيسموغرافيا الهويات: الانعكاسات الأدبية لتطور الهوية الفلسطينية في إسرائيل 1948-2010

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This book is in Arabic. The main focus of this study is to research both the processes of change and transformations witnessed by the Palestinian national discourse since 1948 up to recent years (the chronological scope of this study ranges from 1948 to 2010) as demonstrated by literary works, primarily in novels. This book attempts to conceptualize the basic forces that shaped Palestinian discourse, from a liberal, autonomous discourse into a civic one within the context of Israeli citizenship. Sociological studies revolving around Palestinian citizens inside Israel do not offer a full understanding of internal transformations within the Palestinian society, as these studies focus mainly (especially in recent decades) on the structural relationship between Israel and the Palestinian citizens. Studying the structure of this relationship informs us more about the nature of Israel, than what it tells us about Palestinian identity and its transformations. As such, the need exists for an internal indicator, or an insider view, for studying Palestinian society. This book takes a step forward in this direction since it deals with the Palestinian identity from a distinctly Palestinian point of view. Literary analysis constitutes an efficient method towards achieving that goal, as it highlights certain aspects of national identity and aspirations, unattainable through other methods or research methodologies. This book also takes into consideration the complicated relations and intricate bonding among a whole set of social, political, economic and cultural transformations inside human behavior, and consequently in identity formation.

Year: 2019


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