Rock the Casbah: Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World by Robin Wright

$ 17.00

Robin Wright, an acclaimed foreign correspondent and television commentator, has covered the Middle East region for four decades. She witnessed the full cycle, from extremism's angry birth and globalization to the rise of new movements transforming the last bloc of countries to hold out against democracy. Now she chronicles the new order being shaped by youth-inspired revolts toppling leaders, clerics repudiating al Qaeda, playwrights and poets crafting messages of a counter-jihad, comedians ridiculing militancy, hip-hop rapping against guns and bombs, and women mobilizing for their own rights. Wright captures a stunning moment in history, but she candidly details both the possibilities and pitfalls ahead. The new counter-jihad is imaginative and defiant, but Muslim societies are also politically inexperienced and economically challenged.

Year: 2012


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