Portraits: Poems of the Holy Land by Saliba Sarsar

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"Like the poet, many of us alive today shoulder multiple identities. There is Saliba Sarsar the poet, and Saliba Sarsar the professor of political science. Add this to his Palestinian roots, his Christian background, and his active life as a world citizen, and one begins to understand why he encourages us to bid our sad divisions cease; or,if they do not cease, that we at least keep them under a manageable wrap until a more hopeful day arrives when the world's people see more clearly."
- Ifeanyi Menkiti from the forward.

Dr. Saliba Sarasar was born and raised in Jerusalem and is a professor of Political Science at Monmouth University. He is the author and editor of several works on the Middle East, as well as two books of poetry,"Crosswinds", Impressions of a teenager experiencing Jerusalem under Jordanian and Israeli rule, and "Seven Gates of Jerusalem", a bilingual (English/Arabic) edition that weaves individual lives with the historical.

Year: 2015


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