Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire by Deepa Kumar

$ 17.00

In response to the events of 9/11, the Bush administration launched a “war on terror,” ushering in an era of anti-Muslim racism, or Islamophobia. However, 9/11 did not create the image of the "Muslim enemy." The language of islamophobia was in fact developed in the context of the European colonization of the Middle East and continues to thrive today in the United States. Beginning in the eleventh century and the context of the Crusades, Deepa Kumar offers a sweeping historical analysis of the changing views of Islam and Muslims in the West, examining the ways that ruling elites throughout history have used the specter of a “Muslim enemy” to justify their imperial projects. She expertly exposes and debunks various myths about Muslims and Islam that have become widely accepted in the US.

Year: 2012


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