I Have an Idea / عندي فكرة

$ 12.00

كتاب مصور بلسان طفل عن متعته في بالشجرة التي زرعها

A little boy talks about his joy in the tree he planted, in short, rhyming, and developmentally appropriate text. Digitally illustrated by artist Gada Jarmy. 



Palestine Publishing is dedicated to the publication of Arabic language children’s books that are developmentally appropriate and linguistically sound, to promote literacy and build appreciation of the beauty of Arabic language in young children.



Reading regularly to young children improves literacy and concentration and enhances learning. It creates invaluable opportunities for positive interaction between parents and children. It also helps children learn to love reading, which is important for lifelong learning. Setting aside some time every day to read to your children can be one of the most important investments you can make for their future success. 

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