Don't Shoot! . . . I Have Another Story To Tell You by Elen Ghulam

$ 16.00

Four languages, an assortment of passports and no where to call home.

Don't Shoot! ... I Have Another Story to Tell You chronicles the trials and tribulations of a Czech-born Iraqi woman who walks the tightrope between the poetic East and the seductive West. Her life was already complicated when she immigrated to Canada, when life took a byzantine turn.  She marries a dashing Palestinian professor and together they live in Scotland and Israel. In the holy city of Jerusalem, she learns Hebrew, works for an Israeli company and experiences the military occupation of Palestine first hand - albeit from a perspective within Israeli society. She takes an Israeli friend to visit a Palestinian neighborhood, and later takes a Palestinian friend to visit an Israeli area.The tourist introducing the locals to their own country. Can life get any more absurd? Living between two worlds, yet again. Ghulam writes with elegance and humor about the hardship of embodying contrary identities. Along the way, she records her intensely personal struggle to forge a sense of integrity in a world teetering on the edge of the abyss.
Year: 2006

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