Arabic - 100 Most Common Verbs

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Welcome to the fastest resources available to grow your Arabic vocabulary now. This bilingual book attempts to identify the most common high-frequency Arabic verbs to enhance your language in the fastest way possible. Verbs are the key to unlocking the Arabic language. These top 100 verbs are used in almost every conversation. Each verb is displayed with the following information: 1) the English translation; 2) the root, the third-person masculine past tense form, and the verbal noun in parenthesis; 3) phonetic spelling, and an English translation of the verbal noun; 4) a picture to aid in memorization and understanding. In this deluxe bilingual edition, learn the most common and high frequency Arabic verbs quickly. These verbs will boost your language skills, and instantly build rapport and understanding with native Arabic speakers. In fact, many of these verbs span across dialects. Because the Arabic language is built on thousands of verb roots, it is critical to master the most common verbs in the language. This book will focus on the high frequency verbs that are shared across the Arabic speaking world, regardless of dialect. Students that are beginning to learn Arabic can use these verbs as a bridge to quickly build a foundation of high frequency verbs to use in their studies and initial conversations. Instructors can use these to inspire confidence and progress in their students. The more advanced students can most quickly absorb the lists, solidifying their vocabulary by scores of high frequency verbs in record time. Students traditionally discover the high frequency verbs one by one during classes and study. Now with Arabic Verbs: 100 Most Common & Useful Verbs You Should Know Now you can rapidly speed up learning significantly.

Year: 2017


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