An American Feminist in Palestine: The Intifada Years by Sherna Berger Gluck

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In December 1987, with the outbreak of the intifada, American news stories reported how a small band of Israeli women dressed in black were taking to the streets in West Jerusalem to challenge their government's policy. Moved by these images and emboldened by the example of the Israelis, Sherna Gluck broke a silence she, like so many Jewish Americans, had kept for so long. One year later, she made a trip to occupied Palestine to see for herself the horrors of Jewish occupation and the creativity of Palestinian resistance. This book recounts the author's experiences over the course of three years as she returned repeatedly to a number of villages and refugee camps. Weaving together anecdotes, interviews, and candid observations, she captures the vitality of the early days of the intifada and the problems that later began to plague the movement after the Gulf War.

Year: 1994


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