Al Mokha Yemeni Coffee Reserve

$ 33.00

A Rotating Assortment of Al Mokha's Reserve Coffees

Light Roast 2oz / Matari Region: Smooth, probing, easy drinking, and balanced. Like coffee, just way better.

Medium Roast 2oz / Matari Region: Profound depth of flavor, super tasty, and easy drinking. A joyful, everyday coffee that leaves the competition behind.

Dark Roast 2oz / Matari Region: Super rich, amazing, and bold. Everything you want in a dark roast.

This coffee is from the Matari Region, Yemen's highest altitude origin. It has been an absolute favorite, and for good reason! It's that good.

Light Roast 12oz / Burai Region: Rustic and intensely traditional, with hints of cocoa and mocha. Bigger beans, lower altitude origin.

Medium Roast 12oz / Burai Region: Mocha chocolate, smooth, full bodied, and teasingly bittersweet. An extra intense coffee. Bigger beans, lower altitude origin.

Dark Roast 12oz / Burai Region: Dark chocolate, big, creamy, delicious. Yemen's westernmost coffee region, with bigger beans & lower altitude.

As you head inland from Yemen's port of Al Hudaydah, within 30 miles you'll be heading uphill and you will soon enter the very first mountainous area of Jabal Bura. And that's where this coffee is from. As a lower elevation coffee, these are bigger, fatter beans.

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