Once Upon a Homeland by Laila Huneidi

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Once Upon a Homeland has both a scholarly and wonderfully historical account of chronic political conflict, narrated in an elegant storytelling style. It is an insightful read that unwraps layers of facts and information to reveal how Palestine and the Palestinian people were occupied.

Laila Huneidi earned her PhD in Public Affairs and Policy from Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University, and has extensive experience in Middle Eastern political and socioeconomic development. Her research has focused on interdisciplinary theories explaining the contemporary status of the conflict in Palestine and how it has resulted in the longest existing occupation in recent history. Her doctoral dissertation, downloaded by thousands around the world, is a published case study on democratic governance and development under authoritarian regimes. Dr. Huneidi lives in Portland, Oregon, and has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East. In addition to her research and writing, she tutors students of all ages and levels in social studies and Arabic language.

Year: 2022


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