Washington Report "Israel Lobby Conference" Special Issue

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The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy co-sponsored an April 10, 2015 conference at the National Press Club titled, “The Israel Lobby: Is it Good for the US? Is It Good for Israel?” Speakers gave 18- minute talks—the length of a “TED Talk”—and, frankly, their remarks, documented in this special 84-page, colorful magazine supplement, blew the audience away.
Many panelists spent a lifetime studying the pro-Israel Lobby. Others ran into the power of the Lobby accidentally, as they worked on Capitol Hill, at the State Department or at the U.N. Some, especially students, were taken aback to discover its power in preventing their freely speaking on college campuses. A number of speakers who grew up proud of their Jewish heritage said they became deeply disillusioned by a Lobby that does not represent their views. Haaretz correspondent Gideon Levy told the audience the Lobby was damaging Israel. In his subsequent column about the conference he pointed out, “This was not the Saban Forum, nor the AIPAC Policy Conference: This was the other America,” adding that he hoped the conference would signal the beginning of an “American Spring.”

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