War Diary: Lebanon 2006 by Rami Zurayk

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What was it like to live in Beirut during the Israel-Lebanon war of 2006? Lebanese agronomy professor and social activist Rami Zurayk spent the whole war in Beirut with his family. War Diary: Lebanon 2006 is his record of the 33-day-long onslaught. 

Throughout those 33 days in the summer of 2006, Israel's hi-tech, lethal (and U.S.-supported) military was trying to inflict such suffering on Lebanon's people that it would turn them against Hizbullah, which was both a resistance movement and a political party with members in the national parliament. At first, some Lebanese people seemed responsive to the argument Israeli spokesmen made, that the death and destruction their country was suffering was "all Hizbullah's fault." For his part, Zurayk was one of the many Lebanese leftists who countered that argument, seeing Israel's attack as yet another episode in the West's decades-long project to subjugate the Arab world.

This diary is a first-hand account of how Israel failed in its core goal of turning Lebanon's people against Hizbullah.


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