Visit the Old City of Aleppo: Come with Tamim to a World Heritage Site by Khaldoun Fansa

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The guns in Aleppo have fallen silent and the eastern part of the city is now rubble. Former east-end residents are now dead or displaced. In the meantime, Aleppo's UN-designated World Heritage Site (the citadel, the Umayyad mosque, the ancient covered markets) have been damaged or destroyed. Aleppo is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

How can Syria, and the world, recover this one-of-a-kind treasure?

If the war of bombs and bullets and the parallel cultural and social war of one Syrian against another are to be resolved and the country rebuilt, Syrians will need to remember the ancient touchstones that belong to every Syrian. This book is designed to remind Syrians of their unique culture and to serve as a rallying point for Syrians and their friends all over the world who want to heal the divisions and to rebuild the country.

Visit the Old City of Aleppo brings alive this ancient city in a story set just before the troubles began in 2011. It tells of Tamim, a boy who visits Aleppo's historic neighborhoods. The author also provides historical sketches of the city and color illustrations and photographs, both historical and contemporary.

This book was written by Khaldoun Fansa, an Aleppo native and an architect who was active in many preservation projects in the Old City of Aleppo, and who looks forward to the city's restoration.

Visit the Old City of Aleppo is a valuable resource for everyone interested in the alluring cities of the Middle East.

Year: 2017

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