Traveling the World for National Geographic by Tom and Lynn Abercrombie

$ 25.00

Uncharted corners of the world still beckoned when Thomas J. Abercrombie began covering the globe for National Geographic in 1956. Tom's tenure at the Geographic occupied a unique moment in history-while planes and automobiles were shrinking the world, globalization had not yet taken hold. Tom and his wife Lynn visited lands and peoples, some of which, like the marsh Arabs of Iraq or the Buddhist monoliths in Afghanistan, would later be nearly or completely lost to the past. Tom's other assignments often brought him face to face with history, whether covering humanity's first winter at the South Pole, the voyage of the first and only white tiger to come to America, or the only manned dive ever to the deepest spot on Earth, the Mariana Trench. Here you can relive the enormous history and variety of Tom and Lynn's experiences.


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