The Women of Deh Koh: Lives in an Iranian Village by Erika Friedl

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“Masterful . . . absorbing. This finely written book gives us a whole new sense of Iran.”—The Washington Post Book World
While doing research in the Iranian village of Deh Koh, Erika Friedl was able to quietly observe and record the cloistered lives of women in one of the strictest of all Muslim societies. In this fascinating book, Friedl recounts these women’s personal stories as they relate the strain of their daily activities, their intricate relationships with men, and their hopes, dreams, and fears. Women of Deh Koh is a rare and vivid look at what life is really like for the women of Iran.
“Her intimate understanding of the life and customs of the village has made her confident about conveying her view from the inside. To share this view with us, and to comment quietly and wisely on the scene, is the striking and illuminating achievement of Women of Deh Koh.”—The New York Times Book Review

Year: 1991

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