The Lebanese Cookbook: Delicious and Authentic Recipes from a Top Lebanese Chef by Hussein Dekmak

$ 18.00

The popularity of Yotam Ottolenghi's Jerusalem has celebrated Middle Eastern cuisine to new heights—now it is time for America to ride the wave to Lebanese cuisine with Hussein Dekmak's The Lebanese Cookbook. Hussein welcomes you with open arms to his country's food and traditions with over 100 delicious, authentic recipes to cook at home. With its emphasis on fresh ingredients and aromatic spices, Lebanese food offers a healthy abundance of vegetables, olive oil, garlic, fish, lamb, chicken and grains. The cookbook caters for all tastes and appetites with chapters on Soups, Salads, Hot and Cold Starters, Main Dishes, Barbecues, and Sweets and Drinks. The recipes are very straightforward and use basic ingredients—from an Eggplant and Tomato Moussaka to Artichoke Hearts with Lamb to Lebanese Chile Fish. You will not be disappointed with the depth of flavors and alluring aromas in this beautifully photographed cookbook. Don't be surprised when you find yourself dreaming of the mountains of Lebanon off the village of Bayesour, where Hussein had once collected tea leaves with his mother as a young boy. Fall in love with the traditional lentil soup or his mom's version of it and reap the secrets of a small village's medicinal concoctions. Hussein is happy to share the food that has nourished himself and his family for generations!

    Year: 2015

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