The Jewish Dilemma by Elmer Berger

$ 8.00

This highly controversial book, by a young American rabbi who dissents from the Zionist, Jewish-nationalist position, will become a notable landmark in history, for it is the first book to state the case of the average Jew who is interested in living a free life in peace and friendship in the land of his birth, rather than in being considered a member of a “strange people” which is, “forever alien, homeless and uprooted” and which must have a National Homeland of its own in Palestine.

In The Jewish Dilemma Rabbi Berger poses the choice for Jews between a pattern of freedom and emancipation, and a pattern of segregation in an isolated Jewish State. He strongly takes issue with those who have dramatically assumed to speak for all Jews and regiment them into the Zionist-nationalist ideology.

Year: 1946

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