Suleiman the Magnificent: A Captivating Guide to the Longest-Reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

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Suleiman the I probably knew of other monarchs and celebrities we might recognize: Ferdinand and Isabella II of Aragon; King Henry VIII and his infamous trail of wives; and Charles the V, the Holy Roman emperor who dressed in black for the majority of his life. Columbus had set off to sail the ocean blue just two years before Suleiman’s birth. William Shakespeare was just two years old when Suleiman died, as was Galileo Galilei. 

During his reign Suleiman the Magnificent guided the Ottoman Empire through its golden age of trade and expansion. His reign changed the face of the world and the lives of millions of people, and his name echoes down to us in the present day. Suleiman the Magnificent wasn’t quite like any other sultan before or after him. This book explains why. 

Year: 2018


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