Justice for the Liberty: An All American Documentary

$ 25.00

Break of Dawn Productions, 2015

Justice for the Liberty chronicles the 1967 Israeli attack on USS Liberty that killed 34 American servicemen & wounded 171 while being abandoned by LBJ & the 6th fleet for 18+ hours, as told by several of its survivors and their distinguished supporters.

The thesis of the film is that all US veterans deserve the support of their government, the honor of their nation, and a chance to exercise their 1st amendment rights without interruption in telling their story.

1967 – The Summer of Love. At the height of Vietnam, the US Navy's premiere intelligence ship USS Liberty was sent to the Eastern Mediterranean to monitor Russian involvement in the 6 Day War between Israel and its Arab Neighbors, bringing the Cold War to the Middle East by way of our allies.

On June 8th, the Liberty was attacked in international waters without warning for over two hours by unidentified surface and air forces using rockets, torpedoes, napalm, and 50 caliber machine guns, leaving 34 dead and 171 (70%) of the crew wounded; one of the deadliest attacks on the US Navy since World War II. Though only 15 minutes away, their rescue was personally canceled not once but twice, first by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and then by President Lyndon Johnson himself, leaving them on their own for OVER 18 HOURS WITHOUT AID.

Since then, the truth about that day has been obscured at the highest levels of the American government. The survivors of the USS Liberty and their supporters have been threatened, silenced, and denied both their medical benefits for decades and their place among America’s heroes for almost 50 years.

Now, for the first time, we present the crew of the most decorated naval ship since WWII, telling their side of the story in their own words with distinguished supporters providing context, along with exclusive photos, footage, and documents never before seen by the public to bring this incredible story of survival against all odds & betrayal at the highest levels to vivid, indelible life.

What really happened to USS Liberty, & why does it matter now more than ever?

We’ve heard the official story; now it’s time to hear their story.

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