Israeli Peace/Palestinian Justice: Liberation Theology and the Peace Process by Thomas L. Are

$ 5.00

In this application of the precepts of Liberation Theology - that God is always on the side of the oppressed, that the struggle for justice provides the life-breath of Christian spirituality and mission - to the Israeli/Palestinian dilemma, Presbyterian Pastor Thomas L. Are argues that there can be no peace for Israel without justice for the Palestinians, and until the peace process produces that justice, it will not work. This book provides a hard-hitting and well-documented account of the Israeli government's official policies of human rights abuse, including killings, beatings, torture, collective punishment, mass unlawful transfer, unlawful confinement and systemic discrimination. Its survey of the organised exercise of power by the pro-Zionist American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) on the Pentagon, Congress, political and academic processes, and through numerous Christian evangelical ministries, clarifies why the American people still mistakenly champion the state of Israel as a heroic underdog locked in an unequal struggle for survival.

Year: 1994

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