Iran, The Green Movement and the USA: The Fox and the Paradox by Hamid Dabashi

$ 30.00

Iran, The Green Movement and the USA presents the dilemma that the West faces in dealing with the Islamic Republic of Iran and their nuclear armament, and how the unfolding civil rights movement in Iran (the Green Movement) will be affected by this interaction. Iranian scholar and author Hamid Dabashi argues that if Obama negotiates with Ahmadinejad, he will further strengthen the IRI regionally and legitimize Ahmadinejad's otherwise troubled presidency internationally; and if he were not to do so and opt for further economic sanctions and/or military strikes, he will paradoxically strengthen the IRI regionally and altogether destroy the domestic opposition and the budding Green Movement. This elegantly written book presents an Iran weak in domestic affairs, but strong in regional geopolitics, providing the reader with a dynamic picture of the region, and a purposeful analytic of how to understand and deal with it. It also features a short history of how the US and Iran were placed in this confrontational position and who their respective allies in the region are.

Year: 2010

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