Hayawanat Mahbubah: Abi al-Mudhish أبي المدهش By Ross Collins

$ 12.00

آباء الآخرين كلُّهم يَقومون بأشياء مُدهِشة. لكنّ ناتِش قَلِق ويَتساءَل عمّا يَفعَلُه أبوه طوال اليوم. يَكتشِفُ التِّمساح الصَّغير ناتِش، في هذه الحكاية المُمتِعة عن الآباء والصَّداقة، أنّ الجواب على سؤاله، في الواقِع، مُدهِش.


Translated to Arabic, 'My Amazing Dad'. The parents of others are all doing amazing things. But the little crocodile worries and wonders what his father is doing all day long. In this interesting tale of parents and friendship, he discovers that the answer to his question is, in fact, amazing. Simply written in vocalized Arabic, and include colorful full page illustrations.

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