Handala (حنظلة) Embroidered Wall Hanging by Women in Hebron

$ 100.00

Solidarity Banner hand-made by Women in Hebron, based off the drawing by Palestinian cartoonist Naji Salim Hussain al-Ali Palestinian.

Measurements: 13.75 in. x 23.5 in. or 14 in. x 24 in. 

Women in Hebron, a Palestinian nonprofit fair trade cooperative, was established to provide women in the Hebron district the resources to provide for themselves and their families through the production and sales of Palestinian handicraft items. The one hundred and fifty women who produce the items that are sold come from across the Hebron district from eight cities and villages. Middle East Books and More is honored to sell their handmade embroidery in our store. Buying traditional Palestinian embroidery empowers Palestinian women economically who are keeping the art of embroidery alive as they support their families.


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