Paul Findley: Courage to Speak Out

$ 15.00

As a young high school student, Paul spoke out against a minstrel show. Like then and during his twenty-two years in Congress, he never let controversy or public opinion deter him from fighting for causes of justice, fairness and peace.

He championed Civil Rights and was responsible for the first black page in Congress. He took on the powerful Cotton an Sugar lobbies. He wrote the Famine Relief Act and co-wrote legislation against age discrimination.

In foreign affairs he was a leader. A critic of the Vietnam War, he co-authored the War Powers Act, called for diplomatic relations with Red China and was instrumental in a nuclear non-proliferation treaty between Brazil and Argentina. He was the first to meet with Arafat and to call for a Palestinian state alongside Israel.  

This is the story of Paul Findley who had the courage to speak out.


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