Afghanistan: A Cultural History by St. John Simpson

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A fascinating illustrated introduction to the cultural history, peoples, art, and civilization of this ancient region-the gateway between East and West, North and South

-A highly topical guide to one of the most critically important places on the globe-both today and throughout history
-Essential reading for anyone seeking a fuller context for the current situation in the region
-Presents the extraordinarily rich heritage of a country that is one of the great cultural and artistic melting pots of the world
-Illustrated with a large selection of objects, ancient and modern

While the modern nation can trace its origins back to 1747, the history of Afghanistan is far more ancient. It has long been a focal point of the Silk Road and human migration and many native peoples such as the Kushans, Samanids, Saffarids, and Mughals have founded their empires here. Afghanistan has also been the target of numerous invasions and is therefore one of the most critically diverse places on earth.

This lively book places this rich and ancient seam of creativity in its broad historical context and offers the reader a full appreciation of a most remarkable country.


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