A Slim Peace

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A Slim Peace is a new documentary about the first ever nutrition and weight loss group of Israeli and Palestinian women. Directed and co-produced by filmmaker Yael Luttwak, the film premiered at the Tribeca and Jerusalem film festivals.

“A Slim Peace has been a passion of mine for over half a decade. I lived and worked at the Shimon Peres Center for Peace with Israelis and Palestinians in 1999 and, along with my Palestinian and Israeli counterparts, we produced an unprecedented teen television talk show filmed in Israel and in Palestine. With the collapse of the Camp David peace accords in 2000, many Israelis and Palestinians felt they had lost their chance for peace. Out of intense disappointment sprang my idea to use the universal obsession with losing weight as a way of showing the humanity and the humor in the Middle East. I combined my own experience of attending Weight Watchers in Tel Aviv with the conflict that raged almost daily. Despite the conflict, I was determined to make an Israeli/Palestinian documentary film that is insightful, entertaining, and fun.” Yael Luttwak, Director and Co-Producer.

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Year: 2014

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