Tribes with Flags A Dangerous Passage through the Chaos of the Middle East by Charles Glass

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ABC News correspondent Charles Glass made headlines around the world when he was captured on June 18, 1987 by pro-Iranian terrorists and held in a Shiite Moslem suburb of Beirut for sixty-two days. His daring escape and the colorful and gripping account of his travels and kidnapping are documented in Tribes with Flags: A Dangerous Passage through the Chaos of the Middle East.

Throughout his ordeal, Glass concentrated on his love for his family and wrote a novel in his head. But he never forgot the reason he was in Lebanon or abandoned the idea of a book capturing the splendid vitality and diversity of life in the Middle East. Tribes with Flags is the book Glass always meant it to be: A chronicle of his journey from the southern Turkish coast, around the bay of Alexandretta, and through Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon. This, he explains, “is a voyage to discover and reflect upon romance, adventure, chance encounters, violence, and the many and perpetual personalities from dragomen to merchantmen to mountaineers to monks to prostitutes to feudal lords.” Glass visited farms, slums, and refugee camps as well as royal friends in feudal palaces, capturing the entire spectrum of Levantine life. The journey ends with a gripping account of Glass’s kidnapping in Beirut—an intimate portrayal of life as a hostage—and his successful flight to freedom.

Year: 1990

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