The Last Arab-Israeli Battlefield? Implications of an Israeli Withdrawal from Lebanon edited by Patrick Clawson and Michael Eisenstadt

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“To assess the potential implications of Israeli withdrawal—and the repercussions for U.S. interests in this Arab-Israeli tinderbox—The Washington Institute assembled a team of seven experts well versed in the region's problems: four contributors from outside the Institute and three from our full-time staff. These include Steven Hecker, Defense Department; John Hillen, National Defense Strategy Study Group; Frederic Hof, Armitage Associates and former U.S. military attache in Lebanon; IDF Lt. Col. (res.) Gal Luft, Johns Hopkins University's Nitze School of Advanced and International Studies; Patrick Clawson, the Institute's director for research; Michael Eisenstadt, senior fellow at the Institute; and Nicole Brackman, a Soref research fellow. While U.S. policymakers rightly invest time and energy in the diplomacy of peacemaking, it is no less important to recognize the potential for a descent into conflict and to consider now the steps that can be taken to deter and, if necessary, contain it. We are proud to publish this timely study as a guide for U.S. policy.”

With contributions from Nicole Brackman Steven A. Hecker John Hille.n Frederic C. Hof Gal Luft

Year: 2000

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