The Essential Middle East: A Comprehensive Guide by Dilip Hiro

$ 7.00

Completely revised, updated, and expanded to reflect the massive change in the Middle East since the first edition was published in 1996, The Essential Middle East is a must-have reference for anyone interested in understanding more about the Middle East. Expert author Dilip Hiro brings one of the most tumultuous regions of the world to our fingertips with this easy-to-read authoritative book. This dictionary of the Middle East includes entries such as the Arab-Israeli Wars, Biographies, Christianity and Christian Sects, Civil Wars, Country Profiles, Ethnic Groups, Government, Gulf Wars, Historical Places, History, Hostages, International Agreements and Treaties, Islam and Islamic Sects, Judaism and Jewish Sects, Languages, Literary Personalities, Military and Military Leaders, Nonconventional and Nuclear Weapons, Oil and Gas, Peace Process, Politics, Regional Conflicts, Religion, Terrorism, Tourist Destinations, United Nations, and more.


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