The Chronicles Of Nefaria by William A. Cook

$ 3.00

"The Chronicles of Nefaria" is short fiction, Kafkaesque in attitude, drawing on current events happening in the mid-east, metamorphosed into a surreal world that exemplifies the horror of leaders devoid of humanity. The story begins on the first day of the Sacred Season of Forgiveness and Retribution. A Patient, the Prime Minister of Nefaria, lies immobile in a hospital bed, able to hear and think but unable to see, touch or feel anything. He moves in and out of consciousness responding to voices and sounds. He's attended to by a nurse, an Elusian girl from the occupied territory that Nefaria controls. The novel covers the seven days of the sacred season. It is a fictional work based on real events and real people. Yet its purpose is to serve as a metaphor for the conditions we face in our world, a world unfortunately that has not advanced beyond ancient superstitions and medieval beliefs. Power rules and destroys both the conquered and the conqueror.

Year: 2007

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