The Camels Must Go by Sir Reader Bullard

$ 15.00

In the days when the interests of Britain in the Middle East were even more important than they are now, she was served in that area by a body of specialists, the Levant Consular Service. One of these was Sir Reader Bullard, who began his official career as a Student Interpreter in 1906 and retired forty years later from the post of Ambassador at Tehran.

In this autobiography, The Camels Must Go, he recalls an official life spent in countries whose very names suggest interesting and at times catastrophic events: the Turkey of Abdul Hamid and the Young Turks, Iraq throughout the First World War, Jedda when King Hussein was overthrown; Greece and Ethiopia; the Soviet Union of the early 1930’s; Morocco; Jedda again, but this time when Ibn Saud was King; and finally Persia throughout the Second World War.

Year: 1961

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