Shifting Sands: Jewish Women Confront the Israeli Occupation edited by Osie Gabriel Adelfang

$ 5.00

In 1949 Jerusalem, a young girl knows better than to ask about the sudden darkness in nearby Lifta. She carries the memory of a place once filled with the sounds of stone-cutting men and the sight of women in long, brightly embroidered dresses carrying fruit baskets on their heads. Sixty years later, she finally faces the answer to her own unspoken question.   In 2009, an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor who worked at the Nuremburg trials--and still dreams about the medical "experiment" photos she once filed into endless boxes--now dreams of sailing into Gaza with help and hope for her Palestinian "brothers and sisters."  Reading like a memoir, this anthology combines 14 women's stories into a collage of unbearable loss, unspeakable horrors, incredible strength, and a belief in the unwavering power of truth. Seeing the Israeli occupation through each storyteller's eyes, our well-worn filters fall away, and we begin to see as our own these women's journeys and join them in their quest for justice and lasting peace.

Year: 2010

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