Mandate Days: British Lives in Palestine 1918-1948 by A. J. Sherman

$ 8.00

One of the great dramas in British imperial history, the strife-torn three decades of British rule in Palestine, known as the Mandate, remain controversial even now, more than fifty years after the last British High Commissioner left Jerusalem. British policies, promises, and the mere presence of Britain in the Holy Land are still passionately debated and deplored. The thousands of British citizens who actually lived and worked in Palestine have, however, been overlooked. Here for the first time is their story, drawn largely from personal letters, diaries, and memoirs that vividly describe their success in adapting to life in Palestine, their attitudes toward Arabs and Jews, their accomplishments and missteps, and their strong sense of imperial mission. This powerful account brings to life a notable chapter in the history of the Middle East and provides a new perspective on the struggle there for independence and nationhood.

Year: 1997

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