Jewish State or Israeli Nation? by Boas Evron

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"... a lucid formulation of post-Zionist ideology for the generation of the 1980s and 1990s." ―International Journal of Middle East Studies

"It is... a remarkable experience to read Evron’s thoughtful book. He finds much to criticize in the conventional reading of Jewish history and argues that Israel should be thought of not as a state for the Jewish people but as a territorial state much like others, with full rights for all its inhabitants." ―Foreign Affairs

"This compelling book conveys the reader straight to the frontline of the
battle raging in Israel over the proper boundaries of the national
identity. Evron’s radical post-Zionist critique of Israel’s conceptual
foundations calls in question the core link between Israel and Judaism and
between Israel and the Jewish diaspora. His penetrating analysis
challenges the muddled ideological bearings of Israel’s public
self-images and points the way toward what may be a more realistic
adaptation to its Middle Eastern environment." ―Noah Lucas, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Year: 1995

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