A Textbook on Muslim Personal Law by David Pearl

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Islamic law (the Shari’a) is based on a synthesis of Qur’anic revelations, the Traditions of Mohammed and his companions, the interpretations of later generations, and to some degree, pre-Islamic custom. This sacred law plays a central part in the religious, ethical and spiritual lives of a large section of the world community.

The first edition of this book provided a guide to the complexities of this law, illustrating the differences between the Sunni and the Shi’i communities. It concentrated however on the personal laws of the Sunni Hanafi Muslims from South Asia (Muslim Personal Law). The second edition also places emphasis in this field; on the laws of marriage, divorce, children, inheritance and inter vivos gifts. As in the first edition, particular attention is given to the South Asian community from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Not the least reason for this emphasis is the fact that large numbers from the region have settled in the U.K., and there is a continuing need to provide knowledge of their laws and customs.

Attention is also given to areas of conflict between differing legal systems. 

Year: 1987

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