Palestine: The Legitimacy of Hope by Richard A. Falk

$ 24.00

Palestine: The Legitimacy of Hope is Prof. Falk's first major publication since he completed his term as Special Rapporteur. In it, he gathers and presents the best of the essays on Palestine that he published on his personal blog in the years 2010-2014, with added commentary that provides a rich meta-narrative to the collection. Palestine: The Legitimacy of Hope powerfully shows how in recent years the Palestinians' struggle for rights and equality has become transformed into a "legitimacy struggle" of the kind that resulted in victory for many (but not all) of the most important other anti-colonial movements of the past century. Noam Chomsky lauds: "The essays collected here are perceptive and informative, rich in insight and understanding, inspired by just sympathy for the oppressed and their legitimate struggles, above all by the determination of Palestinians to resist the dismal fate projected for them by criminal Israeli policies conducted with unremitting US support. It is an impressive record of Falk's remarkable contributions during the difficult and fateful years of his dedicated and courageous service as UN Special Rapporteur for Palestine."

Year: 2014


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