One Land, Two States: Israel and Palestine as Parallel States by Mark LeVine and Mathias Mossberg

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In a time where popular discourse is increasingly shifting towards various ideas of a one-state solution, authors LeVine and Mossberg insightfully bring the discussion back to two states in this new edited volume featuring scholars, diplomats, and experts on the Israel-Palestine issue. The volume radically presents  a reimagined two-state solution in an effort to appease both historical claims and present realities. 

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One Land, Two States imagines a new vision for Israel and Palestine in a situation where the peace process has failed to deliver an end of conflict. “If the land cannot be shared by geographical division, and if a one-state solution remains unacceptable,” the book asks, “can the land be shared in some other way?”

Leading Palestinian and Israeli experts along with international diplomats and scholars answer this timely question by examining a scenario with two parallel state structures, both covering the whole territory between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River, allowing for shared rather than competing claims of sovereignty. Such a political architecture would radically transform the nature and stakes of the Israel-Palestine conflict, open up for Israelis to remain in the West Bank and maintain their security position, enable Palestinians to settle in all of historic Palestine, and transform Jerusalem into a capital for both of full equality and independence—all without disturbing the demographic balance of each state. Exploring themes of security, resistance, diaspora, globalism, and religion, as well as forms of political and economic power that are not dependent on claims of exclusive territorial sovereignty, this pioneering book offers new ideas for the resolution of conflicts worldwide.

Year: 2014


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